Strategic Marketing

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Field of services
  • Business and Marketing Strategy Allignement

    Aligning marketing department activities with corporate strategy and financial KPIs

    We help clients align business and marketing strategies to ensure marketing initiatives effectively support overall business objectives. We work closely with clients to identify key customer segments, and unique selling propositions, develop compelling communication tactics, and select the optimal channels for engaging with their target audience. Throughout this process, we maintain a strong focus on ensuring alignment with the overarching strategic goals of the company, driving both short-term and long-term success.

  • Marketing Operations

    Helping clients upgrade their marketing departments to the next level

    We help clients improve their marketing operations through an integrated approach to people, processes, organization, KPIs, competencies, and marketing tools. We work with clients to evaluate their current operations, identify areas for improvement, and implement tailored solutions to optimize processes, boost team performance, and drive measurable results. By leveraging the latest industry best practices and technology, we help clients achieve their marketing goals more efficiently.

  • Go to Market Strategies

    Increase your chances of success in the new market with the right go-to-market strategy

    We help clients develop actionable go-to-market strategies that consider company capabilities, market specifics, competitor landscape, and customer segments. Our areas of support include market assessment and prioritization, identifying target customer segments and segments with the most potential, and developing the right marketing and distribution strategies. Our team leverages a data-driven and customer-centric approach to prepare a strategy that maximizes the chances of success in the new market.

  • Loyalty Programs Strategies

    Launch a new loyalty program or optimize the existing one to increase the profitability of your customers

    We help you design and implement effective loyalty programs that help build profitable and lasting relationships with customers. We identify key customer segments and create customized programs that drive engagement, retention, and advocacy. We improve customer engagement by improving everything from the enrollment process, reward structure, earning mechanism, and redemption process, and we help set up the right KPIs to effectively monitor the success of the program.

  • Pricing Strategies and Management

    Make a direct impact on EBITDA and free cash flows by preparing, implementing, and managing top pricing strategies on the corporate or product level

    We support clients in developing effective pricing strategies that maximize profitability and growth in B2B and B2C markets. Our focus is on assessing the current pricing strategy, identifying opportunities for improvement, optimizing pricing structures, and promoting transparency and accountability to improve margin management. Our team of experts leverages the latest data analytics, market insights, and technology to design customized solutions that align with our client's business goals and market conditions while prioritizing a data-driven and customer-centric approach.

  • Consumer Insights

    Understand your clients better by utilizing data and advanced customer analytics tools

    We conduct consumer research to generate data-driven insights that help clients better understand their customers. Our team uses various research tools, methodologies, and data analysis techniques to identify key customer segments, customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, and to gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics. We work closely with clients to translate insights into actionable recommendations and other key business decisions.

  • Supplier Marketing Strategies

    Make your suppliers the optimal partners for your marketing activities

    We help clients design tailor-made marketing activity suggestions for suppliers by analyzing their target customer segments and selecting the marketing activities based on relevance for the customer segment. We help your marketing department identify the suppliers with the most potential for an increase in profitability and prepare a list of marketing activities that are most suitable for the suppliers based on their target customer segment. That way your marketing team can take the initiative and suggest the marketing activities to suppliers and the proposed budget and justify them with data and analytics.

  • Sales & Promotions

    Optimize the way you manage promotions in order to achieve the highest sales and profit impact

    We help clients make better business decisions in managing promotions by using advanced analytics. Our support areas include promotions strategy development, marketing process optimization, impact measurement, and statistical promotions forecast methods. We use the latest data analytics and industry best practices to provide accurate forecasts that guide decision-making and optimize promotional marketing spending.

  • Product Portfolio Management

    Introduce analytics to product portfolio management and focus on the products with the highest market potential and profit margin

    Our support areas include category and assortment strategy, brand and SKU profitability evaluation, estimating the impact of portfolio changes on business results, and using product portfolio changes to enhance supplier cooperation. We use data, analytics, and extensive expertise in category management to help clients achieve optimal product portfolio structure.

  • POS Strategies

    Optimize and upgrade your store network where it makes the most impact on your brand, customer experience, and revenue

    We help clients develop and execute effective point-of-sales strategies and optimization initiatives. Our support areas include assessing profitability and other key operational KPIs, analyzing store performance, determining the best scenario for store network adaptation, assessing and determining the optimal store format, aligning location with product assortment based on predominant customer segments, and enhancing customer experience within stores.

  • Growth Strategies

    Identify how you can grow with existing capabilities and resources or by mergers and acquisitions

    We provide comprehensive support to clients in developing and executing growth strategies that drive sustainable and profitable business growth. We assist with assessing market opportunities, identifying growth drivers, developing a growth roadmap, and supporting implementation. We also specialize in analyzing merger and acquisition opportunities and identifying targets for acquisition.