Lovro Gruden


Lovro Gruden is the managing director of Indigo Consulting, a management consulting firm specialized in business strategy, strategic marketing, organizational performance, IT, and data. Lovro has more than 10 years of experience in finance and management consulting. Through these years he has been assisting numerous clients in solving complex business problems and developing and executing business and marketing strategies.

He started his professional career as a Corporate and Financial Analyst and Advisor, later, he joined Kearney, a global consulting firm where he focused on large regional companies, and since 2017 he is the managing director of Indigo Consulting.

Under his leadership, Indigo Consulting has helped many clients improve their operations, and drive sustainable growth. Lovro is dedicated to helping clients achieve success and has a proven track record of delivering measurable results.

Patricija Jukić

Project Leader

Patricija Jukić is an experienced strategy and marketing professional with a proven track record of success in improving B2C businesses. Patricija has many years of experience in management consulting, starting her career in a global consulting firm Kearney and now continuing in Indigo Consulting. Her main areas of expertise are business and marketing strategy, loyalty programs development and retail operations with focus on consumer analytics. In Indigo Consulting, Patricija mostly helps clients from the retail, FMCG, telecommunications, energy, and tourism industries.

With her customer-centric orientation and deep understanding of consumer behavior, Patricia has helped many clients improve their sales and marketing operations and drive measurable business results.

Miroslav Babič

Project Leader

Miroslav Babič is a highly skilled and experienced consultant with more than 13 years of experience in management consulting and business. With a background in Engineering, Miroslav has strong analytical and problem-solving skills which he applies in working with clients.

Miroslav started his career as a researcher where he gained extensive knowledge in data management and analytics, he later joined Kearney, a global management consulting firm, before joining Indigo Consulting. In Indigo, Miroslav mostly helps clients from the retail, telecommunications, energy, logistics, and FMCG industries.

With his strong analytical and problem-solving skills, Miroslav has helped numerous clients achieve their goals through marketing strategy, process optimization, reorganization, and business strategy projects.